Explore One of a Kind fine jewellery that celebrates beauty that is rare and wild.

Antarctica Collection


The drama of the Antarctica wilderness. Capturing the sensuality of light caressing the softness of snow, sunlight gleaming off of icy cliffs, and golden rays into shards through glaciers like diamonds.

Our unique collection are for those passionate for a look that is new. Jewellery that is ethically responsible with the finest quality recycled 18 carat gold and lab grown diamonds. Our jewellery are statement pieces with something to say.


We are uncompromising in our quality. Artistically painted enamel, facets of gold polished to perfection and precise stone setting: every piece crafted to the highest standard.


There is a reason that our jewellery looks like no other. We employ cutting-edge technology and push the envelope of what is possible to deliver a truly unique voice to jewellery and fashion.

Holistic Sustainablity

From our jewellery pieces to our packaging to our ethical relationship with our partners Hidden by Marks is a brand committed to a 360 approach to sustainability.

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